Happy New Year everyone !!

January is here, 2019 as well, we are back on track but with NO RESOLUTION this year.

Why? We’ve decided that this year will be a year of realistic commitment instead of setting some crazy goals that we already know we won't keep let’s be honest.

We see New Year resolution has another way to punish yourself for not being good enough: always need to do more gym, yoga, loose extra pound.

But what if we were already GOOD ENOUGH, no need anything to feel right about us or to be happy. The change is not happening in your head but unlocking inside us all the barriers that block us to believe that WE ARE GOOD AS WE ARE.

So Why setting goals that are not sustainable? We are just ending disappointed, lower our self-esteem and putting ourselves down for not doing what we promised. Not really what we want this year.

Why not just let ourselves be surprised by what 2019 have to bring and focusing on realistic daily commitment.

Yes, we’ve decided to commit instead of setting audacious goals that won't be met. Commit to being more present, to laugh more, to be okay with any emotion coming up — no self-judgment on what we’ve done or didn’t do.

Commit to be true to ourselves: doing things that resonate with who we are rather than what we should do or what others expect from us.

Here are our January thoughts, see you soon lovely people

Rawlala team Xx


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